Monday, April 20, 2015

Stephanie's Master Plan

Welp, I did it. I finished my first semester of grad school. I had 2 classes and got a 97% and a 98%. I had one bummer class that had a student who plagiarized (who was not yet--maybe never will be---punished). I also had an amazing class with the kind of prof you would pay to learn from. I guess, the way grad school should be?

3 classes this summer from Jun 29-Aug 10.

3 more classes in the fall.

3 more yet in the spring.

And 1 final one in the summer of 2016.

This doesn't seem like a lot. My program only requires 35-37 credits. Eric did his masters in Political Science and the requirements were 60 credits!

My program is extremely specific. I will be a Reading Specialist. I will be able to teach reading to children from kindergarten to 12th grade. That's it though.

What I love about it: I CAN TEACH KIDS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD! READING!  So, it is not wide ranging, but it is deeply important.

Next summer I will begin looking for full (or part) time work teaching English, Communications, or as a Reading Specialist. Keep your ears open for me!

This should be an interesting next year or so for me and my family. Sometimes I can't believe that I am doing this. I mean, am I crazy? Like I don't have enough on my plate. Yet, I am strangely happy. I am gaining confidence that my brain still can work after all these years! I think this is a good step for me. :)

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