Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let It Go Teacher Style

Eric and I had a snow (cold) day today. We went out to breakfast and worked on school stuff. For real, my father-in-law watched the boys and the baby went to day care. We worked at the local library for about 5 hours on school stuff. Well, we worked on this first.

Based on Frozen's popular song, but starting half way through it.
Included is beginning part for those of you (like me) who need a cue

My phone glows white with my apps tonight,
Mobile weather on my screen.
Feeling anticipation, of the whiteness to be seen  (Thanks Monica!)

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside
Couldn't keep it in;
Heaven knows I've tried

Don't let them in,
don't let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don't feel,
don't let them know
Well now they know

Let it snow, let it snow
Or at least get really cold
Let it snow, let it snow
Let it pile up past my car door

I've stayed up
All week grading exams
Let the storm rage on
Let's just call it a comp day

It's funny how some people
Think teachers just slack off
All of your tax dollars
Being eaten at the trough

It's time to see what we really do
To teach your kids, your neighbors too
So when snow falls, don't gripe at me

Let it snow, let it snow
I'm one with the weather guy
Let it snow, let it snow
You'll never see me cry

Here I stand
Still in my robe
Let the snow still fall

My teaching flurries from the mind into their hearts
Science, math, social studies, even the fine arts
Inspiring lesson that will forever last
Tomorrow I'll be back,
Refreshed to teach my class

Let it snow, let it snow
I'll check quizzes all day long
Let it snow, let it snow
This stack is never gone

Here we stand
Thankful for what we do
Without a good teacher
Then I'd have to read this shit to you

Happy Snow Day!

If some of you teacher's out there want to work on the beginning portions, send me what you got! It looks like we will have tomorrow to work on it as well. :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Creativity Breeds Messiness

Everyone I know needs a hobby. You know the one rejuvenated by working out? Going to work? Painting? Mine is food crafts.

When we only had 1 child, or even 2, being creative was a release. I would sew and craft and be happy. Now...not so much. Really the only time I get to be creative in a relaxing way is during the holidays. Well, I should say any holiday except Christmas. My husband, very wisely, recommended I actually enjoy the holiday as opposed to stressing over the hand-made presents like years in the past.

That brings us to Valentine's Day. For the past few weeks, the boys and I have perused Pinterest in our spare minutes. We have chosen cute cards for the classes and cute treats to bring in for parties.

Yes, I am the mom who stalks the email so I can sign up for the treats or fruit!

I buy all the supplies, including the 12.99 watermelon. Pinterest neglected to remind me that watermelon is totally out of season and will cost a billion dollars. We print all required materials. Eric sits down and helps them with their names. It's awesome!

*A little note that 1 class set was finished this morning so we were a lil' late to school.*

But then it's my turn. The food craft, nay, food ART. This is where I get to be creative. I covet the sprinkles and melted chocolate. I find such joy in slicing fruit to look pretty. Putting it together just makes me happy.

Then I go to school.

"Where do you find the time?!"

"Let's see what you brought this time."

"How much time to you spend on these?"

"Why did you sign up for watermelon hearts!!"

Because I am crafty. Because I am crazy. 
Because I am probably a bit masochistic. Because I want to. 

I often feel like I have to justify and say, "Come look at my house! It's super messy and crazy because I have neglected it in order to play with food." I don't want people to think I live this life of perfection. We are broken and messy, but we have redemption and creativity to save us.

So maybe I can be a little proud of my creations without feeling bad. My children love it when we do it together. They love being part of the creativity. They love feeling special. And I like to make them feel this way, so if a 12.99 watermelon and some heart cookie cutters are gonna do it, I'm all in.

The Lego ones say "We were built to be together"

Obligatory messy kitchen pic. It was super clean before I started to work on these!

P.S. I'll tell you my secret, I don't think of these fun things on my own. I copy a ton of stuff from Pinterest! Most of Valentine stuff has a printable sheet too!