Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just another manic Wednesday, oh oh-oh

The day started at 3:00 a.m. with Judah sneaking into my bed to cuddle.  He has always been a shitty sleeper.
Elijah was next at 5:00, so I moved into his bed to silently beg for a few more hours.
Asher started screaming at 6:00, so onto the couch trying to snuggle him with shushes.

A morning of Asher eating toothpaste from the tube, Judah putting his clothes on inside out and backwards (I only made him switch his shirt out, sent him to school looking like Kris Kross), realizing I forgot to pack lunches and get out clothes for the day, and a never-ending screaming toddler.

The 2 phrases heard between 7:00 and 8:20 were
1) "Don't (hit, bite, push, etc.) your brother!"
2) "Please apologize for (hitting, biting, pushing, etc.) your brother."

I have been back and forth to the dentist for weeks trying to figure out why my nice new ceramic filling that replaced the poison silver one was hurting me. I need a root canal. Cha-Ching.

Coming home from dentist and Joann's, I walked into a beautiful scene of all the kids at the table with a bowl of Mac n' Cheese, eating sooooo nicely. (No veggies on those plates, but hey I'm not complaining. I didn't have to cook them anything!) Two minutes into this serene event Judah, our resident "Spiller of EVERYTHING", knocks his bowl over and breaks it. It is plastic. Really?!

I look at my calendar and realize I have a Halloween get-together I am hosting and my children do not have costumes. But atleast the Mother/Son dance that I forgot to buy corsages and boutonnieres for will be fun on Friday.

My mom stopped over and completely shot bedtime. But we needed that. We needed FUN, creative, and messy. Even though I was still a little crabby, it was exactly what we needed. The kids stayed up a little late, got a little messy, and painted (the base coat) of some pretty amazing pumpkins. They match the costumes that I have yet to make for the party on Saturday.

I love redemption. I love joy that comes when I least expect it.

Do you ever get an opportunity for joy in the middle of chaos?